Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hell's Backbone Grill

My friend Jen posted this photo on her facebook page and I was inspired. If this doesn't say artisinal bread -- I don't know what does! I'm inspired in many ways by her and her path. She's dedicated her life to her food and her garden and her little restaurant in the middle of Utah. We've known each other since we've been small... and our paths have had a similar commonality. We love food and have made it a huge part of our lives. Not only is she a revered Chef and published author -- her restaurant in Boulder, UT, Hell's Backbone Grill has received brilliant accolades from visitors and press around the globe. I'm looking forward to visiting her there someday. She was on my mind today and I wanted to share. It's this love of food that always makes me smile. I love food so much. I love making it, eating it, shopping for it, and sharing it with everyone. I'm going to get back to this blog and just continue to share what I think about food. And in the meantime... I'm going to research flights to Salt Lake City.

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