Saturday, August 14, 2010


Finding the best produce is a treat. Right now in Hillsboro, there are 5 markets -- Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. The freshest ingredients are at our fingertips and it's amazing. Though -- I do miss my BRISTOL FARMS market in LA --where it was like going to a produce art museum! Here's to it all.

I'm a girl who LOVES MUSIC AND FOOD. And, of course my sweetheart, Mike... and my family and friends. I have come through this amazing journey -- to find myself in Hillsboro, OR -- living the dream. Yes... after a lifetime of pursuing the most adventures any one girl could ask for -- I've settled in with my love -- and am beginning again in the Pacific NW.

Having spent the past 25 years in an incredible whirlwind of total career pursuit -- I have accomplished many things I set out to do. It is this that sometimes reminds me how very lucky I am and how i often feel as if I'm still just beginning.

With 4 albums -- 2 US tours -- and several industries experienced (Food & Restaurants, Entertainment, Production & Touring, Public Relations & Marketing, Association Management, Property Management, Private Cook, Freelance Writing, Wood Oven Cooking and Sales, Cigars & Accessories, Jewelery, Music) I feel as if the adventures ahead will only become more lovely as time passes!

Ever since I can remember, food and ingredients have been a huge part of my life. I grew up with my Grandmother -- gushing about how delicious the tomatoes were -- or my Mother cooking every meal for us -- with love and the best interest of our health in mind! As I continued the journey -- I have continued this passion (obsession) for food for the past 20 years. Having worked in the hospitality business for the better part of my life on every level -- I thought I'd share my treasures (inspired greatly by the movie Julie & Julia). So many friends have suggested I share my culinary & musical adventures... so here it goes! Here's the the LOVE of food -- and finding the greatest ingredients -- and cooking it up! Sharing a meal is truly one of my favorite things to do!


When I was in LA -- I had the true pleasure of living a few hours from El Pescador. Truly -- to this day -- one of my favorite fish markets. I could drive a couple of hours -- and find Sean fileting a HUGE Halibut -- or serving up the most tasty fish sandwich you could ever have. Everything there was amazing. This photo is also from Bristol Farms -- I just love that market. If you can -- EAT FRESH FISH! I know it may be hard for some of you from Arizona or inland... but Whole Foods often has fresh fish -- Even my little neighborhood market, Hanks carries fresh Salmon -- and It's a treat to eat it... different from the frozen fish. I also get some amazing fresh fish at the farmers market in Hillsboro. and that's another story all together! If you can eat fresh fish. It will amaze you.

Great Ingredients

As long as I can remember -- I have LOVED FOOD... cooking and eating. Writing right now is making me happy, knowing I am getting back to my blog -- and sharing the delicious things about food and cooking it. The meat department at Bristol Farms in LA is one of my favorite places to shop. Yes... some girls like to go to Neiman Marcus -- me -- it's to the grocery -- market -- liquor store - anywhere there is food and drink! thought I'd share some of these wonderful photos. Of course -- the meat at other markets is good -- it's just so amazing when you have the finest to choose from. So go out and get some Lamb Chops for dinner -- Oh yeah.