Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Best Friend

I dedicate this blog to Marilu Lannon-Rice. My dearest friend and inspiration. A woman who came into my life and changed it in an instant. A woman with so much passion and love for food and cooking it you'd have to meet her to believe there even is such a person in this life. I will write about her and our adventures here and you will come to know her. Her love for me and encouragement to follow my dreams and my heart and my passions in every way has unbelievably defined my path. We created countless extravagant dinners together with our friends every Sunday when I lived in Miami and I treasure those experiences so much. We would criss-cross Miami to find the freshest fish, crustiest bread and sweetest produce and she single-handedly changed my life and introduced me to so many things that have made me the person I have become. In this photo, we are in the open air Market in San Ysidro, Costa Rica, 2006

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