Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Life as a private cook

I dedicate this blog to Chef Amy Gilbert. A woman who hired me (a passionate home cook) to assist her with no prior professional food or cooking experience. She taught me the art of Macrobiotic, Vegan and Vegetarian cooking and techniques that have enhanced my life beyond my wildest dreams. She knew that my passion was true and we spent 5 of the most amazing, hard working months of my life creating beautiful and delicious food for an incredible family. The opportunity to cook for 8 - 10 straight hours every day sharpened my knife skills (pun intended!) and taught me how to cook without measuring cups and spooons! Everything we did was with love and powerful positive energy and I will be forever greatful for the knowledge I gained in the short time we spent together. Her patient, calm and caring ways and personality also inspired me in my own personal life and many of the dishes you will see in this blog came from the time we spent together cooking in Beverly Hills. I included the logo from the Kushi Institute here -- as this is where Amy received her culinary training.

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